The Center for Educational Technology (CET) is an NGO dedicated
to the advancement of the education in the 21st Century.


MindCET is an EdTech innovation center which brings together entrepreneurs, educators and researchers to develop innovative groundbreaking educational technology in Israel and beyond.

Hebrew Programs

Learn about our updated and engaging programs and resources for teaching Hebrew – both in print and digital formats, aimed at a wide range of levels and needs. more

Leading Next Generation Learning

CET develops innovative models & technologies for integration of ICT based teaching, learning and evaluation in the classroom   more

Jewish Culture & Israel

Visit our many websites aimed at integration new technology with traditional texts in order to create a vibrent, contemporary judaism.   more

Equal opportunities to all Israeli Children

CET adapts products, services and programs to the needs of every population segment in Israel.  more

Promoting Excellence in the Periphery

Nachshon - an online mentoring program aimed at opening the gates of higher education for students from the periphery. more