Jewish Culture & Israel

Over the years CET has developed many websites aimed at integrating new technologies with traditional Jewish texts, in order to create a vibrant, contemporary Judaism. These websites contain original traditional texts, alongside advanced tools which allow users to communicate through "Wiki notes", upload their own work and more

The complete Bible on Facebook!
The complete text in English & Hebrew, commentary and up-to-date users' generated material.

Your personal on-line Israel & Jewish Studies library. The best collection of scanned books and sophisticated research tools on the Internet (in Hebrew)

The Jewish Lexicon

Your on-line, rich media Jewish lexicon
Over 300 information items on Jewish figures, concepts, historical events and more (in Hebrew)


The complete talmud with" Wiki notes"!
Advanced technologies allow for contemporary renascence of Jewish through (in Hebrew)


Create you own Havruta study materials.
An innovative generator, which allows for the creation and sharing of contemporary Havruta study materials (in Hebrew)


The Hebrew Bible for teachers & students!
The complete text with commentaries, research center, videos, events and more (in Hebrew).